We Made It!

After almost a year of planning, we finally began our dream trip; traveling for the majority of a day to get to the first stop on our journey.  The long travel day was not all that fun.  We flew from MSP to Detroit for the first leg of our flight with no issue.  However, the storms that had blown through MN, had now arrived in MI, so our flight out of DTW was delayed because of weather.  We took off an hour and a half late, but we were finally on our way!

It’s a 9+ hr direct flight from Detroit to Rome, which is a long time to be stuck on an airplane. However, one of the side benefits to all of the flying I do for my work is that I accumulate a lot of frequent flyer miles, and it was those FF miles that purchased First/Business class seats for us on this trip.

Even though I have flown almost 1.5 million air miles, I have not flown International Business class before.  It was a treat to have meals served with menus, and reclining seats that actually allow you to sleep.

The Wine List On Our Flight

Well, Beth was able to sleep for maybe half the trip.  Unfortunately for me, all I achieved was something closer to a nap.

Beth Getting Ready To Sleep

After a sleepless night (for me anyway), we arrived in Rome just over an hour later than our scheduled arrival at 10:15 am.  Our checked baggage (containing our clothes and supplies for one month) made the trip as well (a huge relief), so we couldn’t complain too much!

We were met at the airport by our guide, Eugenio, and he and a driver took us to our hotel.  We checked in, unpacked, showered, and by 1pm, started our guided tour of Rome.

All in all, aside from being a little late in arriving, our trip was off to a good start!

One thought on “We Made It!

  1. Trudy Brady

    I just now found your trip. I am so happy for the two of you, You sound like your having a wonderful time. I love all of the pictures!!! Very good blog writing! Love Trudy


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