The Eternal City – First Impressions of Rome

Architectural Mix

Even though others had described this to me prior to this trip, it was hard to comprehend until I saw it for the first time; the mix (sometimes integrated and sometimes not) of old world structure with new world amenities.  Driving to our hotel from the airport, we saw the mix immediately.  First an old Roman ruin, then a new modern building, then a building that integrated both.  This is just something that we don’t (and can’t) see in the States, because in comparison to Rome, we just haven’t been around long enough.

Take for example, Prada and Gucci stores located in 14th Century buildings, or even the worlds most lavish McDonald’s with marble and mosaics at the Micky D at the Spanish Steps and you can begin to picture what I am talking about.

Upscale McDonald’s At The Spanish Steps

No, we did not eat here!

Crazy Driving

I had read about the crazy driving in Rome, but until you experience it first hand, words just can’t prepare you for what the experience is like – but I will try.  Drivers here truly have to be attentive (there is no way one could drive and text without crashing into something) as automobile traffic is constantly coming at you from all directions, pedestrians (dumb tourists) are walking with their heads in the air looking at a sight, and a Vespa or motorcycle whips around a truck and cuts in front of you inches from your bumper.  All this at once!  No way would I drive here – that is why we had a driver with a nice luxurious BMW 5 Series to do the driving for us!


It is true, the Italians here in Rome love their fine clothing and food.  They are polite, proud, passionate, and yes, they also tend to talk with their hands.

Restaurants and Cafe’s

The density of the vast number of cafe’s and restaurants was an unexpected surprise.  Even though Trip Advisor lists almost 6,000 restaurants in Rome, it is hard to appreciate what that means until you walk a block and pass by over twenty five sidewalk cafe’s and restaurants.

One thought on “The Eternal City – First Impressions of Rome

  1. Bill

    Looks like the fun is just beginning. Happy 25th anniversary. The Best is yet to come.

    Bill,Yvonne & jenny Too


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