Amalfi Coast Winery

Salvatore our guide took us high in the mountains to visit our first winery of the trip; Azienda Agricola Reale located in Borgo di Gete, Tramonti, Italia.

Over 1700ft above sea level, the views on the drive up to, as well as from, the winery were spectacular.  There is no mechanized growing or harvesting of grapes here due to the steep mountainside; resulting in terraced vine rows.  It is all hand picked and carried up/down the mountainside.

Reale Winery in Tramonti, Amalfi Coast

At Reale they grow grapes on vines that are over 100 years old that consist of original, native varieties like Biancella, Biancazita, Tintore and Pere’Palummo.  Never heard of those varietals? Neither had I until this visit!  What I found was that as with many things in Italy, the passion and love that the people put into making something (in this case wine) results in a wonderful end product, and these wines were no exception.

The Reale Wines

I really enjoyed the white Aliseo, while Beth enjoyed the Getis rose.

Reale “Getis” Rose

The winery is also an osteria (a place serving wine and simple food), so of course we had to take advantage of that.  We had a delicious egg plant and anchovy lasagna, seafood pasta with zucchini flowers and a yummy, dense, moist chocolate and pear cake for dessert.

Luigi, Owner, Winemaker and Chef on Right

For once, I wasn’t the shortest man in a picture…

Our first winery visit for the trip was a unanimous success!

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