Technology In Italy

It seemed like a good idea to blog during this trip and share experiences “as I go” while the memories, thoughts, and feelings are still fresh rather than try to reconstruct the trip at a later time.  Unfortunately, like many ideas, there is some factor or item that can negate the idea.  In my case, the unaccounted for factor was “Technology In Italy”; or lack thereof.

When planning the itinerary, I made sure that the hotels we choose offered Internet and Wi-Fi service so that I could blog freely when time presented itself while we were in our hotel room.  What I hadn’t planned on, was how limited or non-available those services would actually be.  At one hotel, the only Wi-Fi that would work was if I was no more than 6 ft from the front desk.  In another, it never worked the entire time during our stay.  “The Internet does not work” the hotel clerk would calmly stated.  “Try again tomorrow”.  Of course, I received the same response the next day.  When I finally was able to translate “Have you called Technical Support?”, the response I received was “It does this often, we just keep trying”.  Now, to someone who flies at 35,000 ft every week and utilizes the airplane Wi-Fi (and expects it to work) this was somewhat frustrating.  

Here was a observation of Italians.  They have more of a laid back attitude toward life, and if something does not work, it is not the end of the world to them.  So, I had no choice but to do the same…

At this point in the trip, Beth and I have arrived in Cinque Terre and I am so far behind (from an itinerary perspective) in blogging that I don’t have the time to get current.  What I haven’t blogged about has been the last week+ of the fantastic wine tours we have had in Northern Italy.  So, for the rest of the trip I am going to try and just post pictures with some captions and hope that will work.  If not, we will “Try again tomorrow”.  :-))))



One thought on “Technology In Italy

  1. Karen

    We had the same cultural experience! Do as the Italians do; sit down at an outdoor cafe and order a glass of wine and some delicious food.
    : – D


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