Veneto Region

In the Veneto region of Italy just north of Verona, we begin our wine tours!  This region grows grapes for making Valpolicella and Amarone wines.

One of our visits was at Valentina Cubi Winery.  There we met a family run operation that produced some delicious wines.  One of fun things (besides drinking their great wines) of the visit there was going out to lunch with the owner in his expensive Maserati.

Beth And I At Valentia Cubi Winery

Vineyards at Valentina Cubi 

Giancarlo’s Maserati at Valentina Cubi Winery

Besides the great Amarones that we tasted, one of the memories from this area are the people. The people here making wines are very, very nice and they have a lot of passion and pride in the wines they produce.

The Marco Cottini Family

Giancarlo and Valentina

We stayed at an Agriturismo while in the Veneto region.  Think of an “Agriturismo” as a Bed & Breakfast on a farm.

We Stayed At This Agriturismo Completely Surrounded By Vineyards 

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