Amarone is one of the world’s most distinctive and unusual wine styles. It is produced in the same northern Italian region that creates Valpolicella and is mainly a product of the indigenous Corvina grape.  When harvested, select lots of grapes are set out on mats to dry, thereby concentrating both sugars and flavors. The resultant wine is thick and rich with alcohol levels around 15-percent being common. Flavor-wise, the wines have distinctive porty overtones, though they are generally dry. Paired with game or other rich dishes, Amarone can be a revelation, though the style of the wine is certainly not for everyone.

Premier Amarone Producers
• Allegrini
• Baltieri
• Brigaldara
• Ca’ del Monte
• La Casetta
• Michelle Castellani
• Corte Sant’Alda
• Dal Forno Romano
• Fabbiano
• Quintarelli
• Tommasi
• Fratelli Zeni

Great Producers
• Cecilia Beretta
• Bertani
• Gerardo Cesari
• Remo Farina
• Masi
• Musella
• Luigi Righetti
• Fratelli Speri
• Villa Bellini
• Zonin

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