Barbaresco has long been in the shadow of its famous neighbor, Barolo. Like Barolo, it is a dry, complex, and aromatic red capable of long-term aging. In general terms, however, Barbaresco tends to be somewhat softer and earlier maturing. Made from the fickle Nebbiolo grape in the marginal climate of Piedmont at the foot of the Italian Alps, there may be only three truly great vintages of Barbaresco in any given decade. With better viticultural techniques, however, even marginal vintages are apt to produce very good wines. Additionally, these off years can usually be enjoyable from the start, without the decade or so of aging that a great vintage will demand. Over the last ten years, 1988, 1989, and 1990 were all great years, while early indications are that the same can be said of the 1995 through 1997 trio. As for 1991 through 1994, these are of the earlier drinking, accessible type, with 1994 seeming to have a shade more grip than 1993—a situation that is the inverse of Barolo.
Premier Producers
• Mariano e Enrico Abbona (Faset)
• Ca’ del Baio (Asili)
• Pio Cesare (Il Bricco)
• Fratelli Cigliuti
• Gaja (All Cuveés)
• Bruno Giacosa (All Cuveés)
• Ugo Lequio (Gallina)
• La Licenziana
• Marchesi di Gresy (Gaiun Martinenga)
• Moccagatta (Bric Balin, Basarin)
• Montaribaldi (Sori’ Montaribaldi)
• Fratelli de Nicola (Montesommo)
• Elvio Pertinace (Vigneto Marcarini)
• Prunotto (Montestefano)
• Dante Rivetti (Bricco de Neueis)
• Sottimano (Vigna del Salto, Vigna Lunetta “Pajore,” Vigna Masue “Curra”)
• La Spinetta (Gallina)
• Rino Varaldo (Bricco Libero)
• Vietti (Masseria)

Great Producers
• Fratelli Barale
• Bel Colle
• Cantina del Parocco di Neive (Gallina)
• Cantina della Porta Rossa
• Ceretto (Bricco Asili)
• Pio Cesare (Normale)
• Michele Chiarlo (Asili)
• Contratto
• Domenico Filippino
• Fontanafredda (Coste Rubin)
• Carlo Giacosa (Montefico)
• Clemente Guasti
• Gianluigi Lano
• Ottavio Lequio (Prinsi)
• Marchesi di Gresy (Martinenga, Camp Gros Martinenga)
• Romano Marengo (Ca’ Rome’)
• Moccagatta (Cole)
• Fiorenzo Nada (Rombone)
• Giuseppe Negro (Piancavallo)
• Palladino
• Pelissero
• Elvio Pertinace (Vigneto Castellizzano)
• Armando Piazzo (Sori Fratin & Vigna Giaia)
• Poderi Colla (Roncaglia)
• Produttori del Barbaresco (Single Vineyard Cuveés)
• Prunotto (Bric Turot)
• Punset (Normale)
• Albino Rocca (Vigneto Loreto)
• Bruno Rocca (Rabaja)
• Rocca Giancarlo Ronchi
• Scarpa
• La Spinetta (Starderi)

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