Dolcetto is a grape native to Italy’s Piedmont region, in the foothills of the Alps. The region is noted for its powerful wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, which can take many years of cellaring to drink at their best, and Barbera, a sort of Barolo in miniature. Dolcetto, however, is very different. It is a fresh, grapey wine released soon after the harvest and meant to be consumed in its youth. Dolcettos are Piedmont’s answer to Beaujolais, though somewhat firmer of structure and with higher acidity. Fresh, clean, and crisp, Dolcetto makes a fantastic quaffer.

Premier Producers
• Giacomo Conterno
• Luigi Einaudi
• Icardi (Rousori)
• Marcarini (Fontanazza)
• Fratelli Pecchenino (Siri d’Jermu)
• Eraldo Revelli
• Vietti (Tre Vigne)

Great Producers
• Enrico e Luigi Abbona (Vigna Munta)
• Fratelli Boffa (Sori Parisio)
• Enzo Boglietti (Normale & Tiglineri)
• Francesco Boschis (Pianezzo)
• Chionetti (Briccolero)
• Silvio Grasso
• Icardi (Normale)
• Aldo Marenco (Suri & Parlapa)
• Pelissero (Munfrina)
• Poderi Colla (Sori du Rabin)
• Punset
• Giuseppe Rinaldi
• Albino Rocca (Vinalunga)
• Paolo Scavino (Vigneto del Fiasc)
• Eraldo Viberti
• Vietti (Normale)
• Gianni Voerzio (Rocchettevino)

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