Orvieto is one of Italy’s most famous white wines. It is produced around the ancient town of the same name in the province of Umbria, about an hour north of Rome. Trebbiano is the grape that forms the base of the wine, with another minor varietal, Grechetto, forming much of the rest. Orvietos tend to be rich and weighty, but as is often the case with Italian whites, is accused of being fairly neutral. In the hands of the best producers, however, Orvieto can make for a flavorful and distinctive white. It is also not all that unusual to see an example with a hint of sweetness, though most are dry. At its best, Orvieto is a fine match for rich seafood and poultry dishes.

Premier Producers
• Barberani (Pulicchio)
• Bigi (Vigneto Torricella)

Great Producers
• Bigi (Normale)
• La Carraia
• Castello della Salla

Dependable Producers
• Antinori (Campogrande)
• Barberani (Castagnolo)
• Roccadoro
• Ruffino
• Salviano

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