Pinot Grigio

While U.S. consumers have chosen Chardonnay as the nation’s house white, “nuovo” Italians might be accused of having chosen Pinot Grigio as theirs. Pinot Grigio is the Italian synonym for Pinot Gris, a rather neutral white varietal that generally only reaches rarefied heights in Alsace (though it is also being pushed as the next big thing in Oregon). Grown all over northern Italy, Pinot Grigio can be depended on for crisp, high acid, refreshing white wines. The genre’s success has as much to do with marketing as quality, but in the hands of the very best producers Pinot Grigio can offer a measure of complexity with the telltale varietal aromas of smoke and orange blossom and a weighty, oily texture to the palate. Nonetheless, with all those fancy bottles and print ads to pay for, you are likely to pay rather more for a Pinot Grigio than quality might otherwise dictate. Caveat emptor!
Premier Producers
• Hofstätter
• Jermann
• Alvaro Pecorari
• Bernarda Rocca
• della Staffa
• Terlano (Klaus & Normale)
• Villa Frattina
• Zemmer
• Roberto Zeni (Vigneti delle Dolomiti)

Great Producers
• Banolis
• Bartolomeo Beato
• Borgo Conventi
• Concilio
• Cosi
• Dori Princic
• Furlan
• Alois Lageder
• Maso Poli
• Sergio Nardin
• Vincentini Orgnani
• Soraval
• Tiefenbrunner
• Torre Rosazza
• Villa Brunesca
• Villanova
• Bottega Vinaia
• Elena Walch

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