Soave is the most common dry white wine from the Veneto region in northeast Italy, near Venice. It is made primarily from an indigenous varietal, Garganega, and blended with up to 30-percent Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, or Trebbiano. Though widely regarded as a simple quaffer, in the hands of the best and most conscientious producers, Soave can become a rich, flavorful, and delicious white. Many of these producers have also taken to oak aging for the wines. The result can be a tasty and distinctive alternative to Chardonnay.

Premier Producers
• Anselmi (Capitel Croce)
• Ca’  Rugate (Monte Alto)
• Pieropan (Vigneto la Rocca & Normale)
• Pra (Colle Sant’Antonio & Monte Grande)

Great Producers
• Anselmi (San Vincenzo)
• Ca’ Rugate (Normale)
• Masi (Colbaraca)
• Pra (Normale)
• Fratelli Zeni

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