Vernaccia di San Gimignano is Tuscany’s premier white wine. It comes from the famous and ancient village of San Gimignano whose renaissance towers (one was measured by the height of one’s tower, so to speak) were the skyscrapers of their day. The wine is made from a local grape called Vernaccia and tends to be soft and full with pleasant complimentary acidity. Though not as accomplished as Tuscany’s reds, Vernaccias are not overly expensive, and will at least offer a measure of respite from another evening of Chardonnay.

Premier Producers
• Riccardo Falchini (AB Vinea Doni)
• Il Palagetto (Riserva)
• Spalletti
• Strozzi (Cru Perlato)

Great Producers
• Riccardo Falchini (Vigna a Solatio)
• Mormoraia
• Strozzi (Cru San Biagio)
• Vagnoni

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