Florence is often called the “birthplace of the Renaissance,” and when you think of the art and scholarship which was produced here you can understand why. The city is still brimming with art, and some people say they have spent more than a week straight in Florence and still felt like they had not seen it all.

The famous Michelangelo “David” is in Florence – actually, David appears twice in the city. The original now lives in the Accademia and a copy is in the place where the original once stood. The Uffizi Gallery contains a room full of giant Botticelli masterpieces. The Bargello has Donatello’s “David.” And the list goes on. Outside museums, there are the remnants of the time when the Medici family ruled Florence – from the Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace and the bridge over the Ponte Vecchio in between.

But Florence is about more than art. It is famous for its leather market (this is the place to buy a new purse or belt, ladies and gentlemen) and its food. Vegetarians will run frightened from the size of the typical steak here, and Florentines will tell you theirs is the best gelato in Italy.


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